How to Commission a Portrait?

It is necessary that the portrait painter and the client have clear and open discussions. Painting is very subjective so both parties will need to express their thoughts and expectations. As in every professional relationship Charles is able to offer advice regarding the setting, style, medium of your painting.

Charles always likes to find out about the subject he is painting. This ensures that the finished work portrays something of the subject’s personality and is not sure a robot-generated portrayal. The final piece will be a true likeness of the subject, unless of course you request a more abstract style, and it will capture the subject’s character.

If at all possible Charles likes to meet the subjects he paints, or at least speak to someone who knew them well. Charles will ask for photographs of the person, or if possible take some photographs himself. This first session or “sitting” can take place at your home, office or another suitable location and will last about 2 hours.

  • All photographs are only for reference and are kept in strict confidence
  • Photographs of the subject will not be published online or displayed without written consent
  • Charles Egornu retains ownership and copyright of all photographs
  • Charles will fit in with your schedule
  • Charles can work from life or photographs

When the painting is complete Charles will deliver it personally or use a reputable insured carrier:

  • The client is responsible for delivery costs
  • Framing is possible – please ask for a price

Fees quoted are valid for 30 days and the price stated is guaranteed upon payment of the non-refundable 50% deposit. The balance, including all additional expenses such as packaging, shipping, framing, travel for instance is due upon delivery. An invoice will be provided.

Travel expenses, reasonable lodgings and meal expenses are additional if it is necessary for Charles to leave the West Midlands.


  • Canvas, paper, board or something else?
  • Oils, acrylics or something else?
  • Do you have a style in mind?
  • Have you allocated a budget?
  • Where will you be hanging the picture?
  • What size were you thinking of?

Portrait Commissions